SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Author: Floyd H. Bertagnolli
Company: Jabil Circuit
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Training is the transfer and retention of usable information. To best reinforce learning an effective lesson will affect all the student's senses. Multimedia can do that because it may include photos, drawings, video clips, animation, sound effects, dialog, etc. -- The greater the interest the greater the retention. Multi-media learning captures interest. When I introduce a group to a multi-media PC course for the first time, teaching them how to log on and begin, they are instantly absorbed and begin interacting with the classware without any further encouragement. -- People learn at different speeds. With multimedia on a PC there is self paced learning, which personalizes each lesson. --People learn by doing. Multimedia provides interaction and instant feedback during course and test. Rapid correction of mistakes keeps out misconceptions. -- You can apply multi-media to your situation via PCs or conference rooms. You can choose laptop driven projectors with big stereo speakers to PCs for individual learning. There is a vast selection of software turn-key packages ready to use. You may buy software to create your own presentations. -- The illiteracy of the 21st century will not be the inability to read, but the lack of constant learning1. As individuals and companies we must keep progressing to be productive and competitive. Using multi-media makes that learning time enjoyable and efficient.

Key words: Training, learning, multimedia, computer, productivity

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