Emerging Technologies Conference Proceedings


Authors: E. S.W. Leung, W. K.C. Yung, W.B. Lee
Company: Hong Kong Polytechnic Univsity
Date Published: 11/1/2000   Conference: Emerging Technologies

Abstract: A wide variety of materials can be deposited from gaseous, solid and liquid precursors using laser techniques. Laser deposition can be used for the creation of extended thin film layer or for selective deposition of specific features in localized regions with thickness extending to less than 1m. The objectives of this paper are to investigate the deposition process of a thin copper film layer (laser-assisted plating) on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) microvias dielectric and to study the effect of different processing parameters in optimizing this laser-assisted plating (LAP) process.

This mechanism has potential to replace the conventional electroless copper plating in PCB manufacture since it combines the steps of drilling and plating into one. LAP should be able to plate microvias with high aspect ratio that may not be feasible by conventional electroless plating which is limited by its speed and the access of electrolyte solution to the deep hole wall surface. LAP also has the ability to cleanly ablate all dielectric material residues and therefore precleaning step is not necessary before electroless plating process. The other significance of this laser ablation technique is the improvement in environmental concern in printed circuit board industries since the conventional plated through-hole process generates considerable quantities of chemical waste. This is another driving force to development of alternative technologies for the formation of microvia conductive coating.

Keywords: laser-assisted plating, microvia, PCB.

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