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Characterize and Understand Functional Performance of Cleaning QFN Packages on PCB Assemblies

Authors: Mike Bixenman, MBA, DBA
Company: KYZEN Corporation and iNEMI Cleanliness Research Study Team
Date Published: 9/22/2019   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Material and Process Characterization studies can be used to quantify the harmful effects that might arise from solder flux and other process residues left on external surfaces after soldering. Residues present on an electronic assembly can cause unwanted electrochemical reactions leading to intermittent performance and total failure. Components with terminations that extend underneath the package can trap flux residue. These bottom terminated components are flush with the bottom of the device and can have small solderable terminations located along the perimeter sides of the package. The clearance between power and ground render high electrical forces, which can propagate electrochemical interactions when exposed to atmospheric moisture (harsh environments). The purpose of this research is to predict and understand the functional performance of residues present under single row QFN component packages. The objective of the research study is to develop and collect a set of guidelines for understanding the relationship between ionic contamination and electrical performance of a BTC component when exposed to atmospheric moisture and the trade-offs between electrical, ionic contamination levels, and cleanliness. Utilizing the knowledge gained from undertaking the testing of QFN components and associated DOE, the team will establish a reference Test Suite and Test Spec for cleanliness.

Key Words: 

Bottom Terminated Components, Climatic Reliability, Electrochemical Migration, Leakage Currents, Dendritic Growth, Ionic Contaminants, QFNs

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