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Using Standards to Increase Productivity While Fighting Counterfeits

Author: Cameron Shearon
Date Published: 9/22/2019   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: By taking a broad vision and a coherent approach with IPC 1782, IPC 2581, and IPC 2591, a new paradigm has been created that can be used to drive productivity gains throughout an entire Supply Chain, Lifecycle of a Product, and fight counterfeits systematically. Because counterfeiters are opportunistic and operate in the “’dark” by surprise attacks, they are like guerilla fighters in a sense. The best way to deal with this type of “attack” is by taking a systematic approach and shining light, by sharing information, where there is currently darkness. Combining these three IPC standards with other technologies such as innovative tagging technologies, Blockchain, The Cloud, and Big Data Tools enable unprecedented productivity gains not seen since interchangeable parts enabled the Industrial Revolution, as well as, the ability to catch counterfeits in situ before the components go through the next process step in a factory. This can be done regardless of the path taken from the original manufacturing site to the next downstream manufacturer. The true beauty of this approach is that no single entity shoulders the cost of this solution.

Variability causes yield, quality, reliability (quality over time), and product safety issues. Interchangeable parts enabled the industrial revolution because they addressed variability. What gets measured tends to get managed. This combination of tools enables a tailorable solution that is proportionate to the need and available resources. Therefore, this solution fits very well with Industry 4.0, materially increases productivity, and can be utilized to create entirely new business models, as well as, a practical way to address the risk of counterfeits for a very long time.

Key Words: 

Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Traceability, Counterfeit

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