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Ultrathin and High Temperature Conformal Coatings for Corrosive Resistance of Electronics

Authors: Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D.
Company: Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.
Date Published: 9/22/2019   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: As miniaturization of electronics and their use in harsh environments continue to increase, the corrosion and deterioration of electronics are becoming a serious challenge impacting their functionality and reliability. Such problems are complicated for high density electronics, components and their assembly processes with dissimilar materials. While advancement with nickel or gold electroplating over metal contacts or parts can improve corrosion resistance, there are several uncoated nano and micro dimensions of components in electronics that are subject to corrosion under environmental and stress conditions.

Among the corrosion resistance options, vapor phase conformal coatings have been playing an increasing role in making the electronics more reliable relative to liquid conformal coatings. With miniaturized and highly dense electronics, the corrosion resistance challenges grow further. It is critical that all components and surfaces including nano to micro components are appropriately coated for enhanced corrosion resistance and reliability without adding significant thickness and weight to electronics.

Addressing the above industry needs, this paper introduces a new ultra-thin, halogen-free Parylene type to the electronics industry and shares the characterization and qualification results of ParyFree Parylene conformal coating for enhancing the corrosion resistance and overall protection of various types of electronics with micron-level thickness. In addition, it also describes an ultra-thin, high-temperature stable vapor phase coating for enhancing reliability of electronics in high temperature and corrosive environments. Some of the testing includes IPX water resistance, corrosion resistance and qualification per IPC-CC-830B.

Key Words: 

Ultra-thin, ParyFree, Halogen-free, Parylene HT, Corrosion, Conformal, Coatings

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