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Elimination of Nickel Corrosion in ENIG and ENEPIG by Using Reduction Assisted Immersion Gold In Place Of Standard Immersion Gold

Authors: George Milad, Jon Bengston and Albin Gruenwald
Company: Uyemura International Corporation
Date Published: 9/22/2019   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Nickel corrosion in ENIG and ENEPIG is occasionally reported, when encountered at assembly it is manifested as soldering failures in ENIG and wire bond lifts in ENEPIG. Although today, this is not a common occurrence, when it is encountered, it becomes very disruptive. It results is delays, missing deliver schedules, supply chain disruption, failure analysis investigations, and liability, all very costly activities.

In an effort to highlight and mitigate nickel corrosion defects, The IPC plating Committee 4-14 has undertaken a revision of the original IPC – 4552 Specification (issued 2002). IPC ENIG Specification 4552-Rev A, was issued in 2017. The specification was revised again in 2019 (Rev B). Rev B is in final draft; awaiting final Ballot. When released corrosion inspection would become mandatory.

The objective of the second revision IPC 4552 Rev B is to eliminate nickel corrosion, by focusing attention on the defect. Suppliers will have to offer more robust processes and manufacturers would have to instill tighter process control. One of the supplier’s attempts to eliminate nickel corrosion is the introduction of “Reduction Assisted Immersion “gold (RAI).

This paper will address the role of RAI gold in eliminating corrosion in first in ENIG and then in ENEPIG.

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