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Solder Joint Reliability of BGA Packages on High Frequency Laminate PCBs Under Power Cycling

Authors: Mahesh Pallapothu, Akshay Lakshminarayana, Mugdha Chaudhari, Unique Rahangdale, Abel Misrak, Dereje Agonafer, Ph.D.
Company: The University of Texas at Arlington
Date Published: 9/22/2019   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Accelerated thermal cycling and power cycling are some of the tests performed to evaluate the solder joint reliability of electronic packages. Power cycling is the phenomenon where the package experiences non-uniform temperature distribution due to internal heat generation when an electronic device is turned on and off several times. This induces thermal stresses and deforms the package. Previous researchers have investigated solder joint reliability of different packages on convention printed circuit boards (PCBs) made of FR4 materials. In this paper, solder joint reliability is studied for ball grid array (BGA) packages on PCBs made of high frequency laminates. High frequency laminates possess properties like good impedance control, low moisture absorption capacity and improved thermal management. In this study, the reliability of a BGA package under power cycling on various Megtron series boards is assessed and compared to those on PCBs made of FR-4 materials. High frequency laminates are found to have equal or better reliability when compare to the traditional substitutes.

Key Words: 

Solder joint reliability (SJR), coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), power cycling, high frequency laminates

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