ICSR (Soldering and Reliability) Conference Proceedings

Ultra Thin Fluorinated Polymer Coating for Protection of LED and Electronics

Authors: Greg Marszalek, Molly Smith, Weixing Hou
Company: 3M Company
Date Published: 6/5/2018   Conference: ICSR (Soldering and Reliability)

Seika Machinery, Inc.

Abstract: Today’s electronics products (i.e., mobile devices, LED lights, sensors and monitors etc.) are highly susceptible to environmental contaminations such as moisture, chemicals, sulfur and salts. Without proper protection, sensitive electronic components can quickly corrode, often leading to electric shorts, reduced lifetime, poor performance and even device failure.

3M fluorinated polymer coatings are designed for the protection of printed circuit boards, LED, components and variety of surface from chemicals and harsh environments. These polymer coatings are liquid applied, low viscosity solutions that dry in minutes to ultra-thin (<1um) protective coating film. They do not require post thermal curing and can be easily applied whether by liquid dipping, spraying or brushing. The solution and coating polymer are both low in toxicity, nonflammable, non-ozone depleting and RoHS compliant.

This paper discussed some reliability performance testing vs industrial standards governing conformal coatings. The results show the fluorinate polymer protective coatings meet the qualification requirement for insulation resistance, as stated in the IPC-CC-830, at >500Mohm during the required test intervals. The flowers of Sulfur (FoS) test results show these coatings help mitigate the formation of creep corrosion of exposed metal on circuit boards caused by exposure to high levels of sulfur and humidity. LED compatibility test results demonstrate the chemical compatibility of fluorinated polymer coatings and long-term performance on LEDs. The salt fog test results show that ultra-thin fluorinated polymer coatings can protect common metal finishes such as immersion silver from corrosion created by harsh salt fog environment. These ultra-thin coatings provide an effective barrier for metals and surfaces including PCBs, helping to repel moisture, liquids and water. This protection adds to the performance and longevity of electronic device’s service life.

Key Words: 

ultra-thin fluorinated polymer coatings, salt fog, LEDs, contaminants, sulfur, moisture insulation resistance

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