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Direct Digital Manufacturing for 3D Electronic Packaging

Authors: Sam J. Leblanc, Casey P. Perkowski, Dasan E. Costandi, Kenneth H. Church, James L. Zunino and Jaret C. Riddick
Company: nScrypt, Inc., US Amry ARDEC and Army Research Laboratories
Date Published: 10/14/2018   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Three-dimensional packaging typically refers to die stacking or multi-chip modules using multiple stacks and multiple layers. These approaches have provided micro-electronic packaging advantages in increased functions per volume. While these are important steps in the third dimension, this is still a 2.5D approach; true 3D has yet to emerge. 3D printing is a common expression, which indicates 3D objects fabricated from a CAD drawing. This technology has matured and is now prominent in multiple manufactured products. The concept of printing electronics in those structures is maturing, and demonstrations are starting to emerge as well as the benefits of using this approach. The next generation of 3D packaging is borrowing from 3D printing and printed electronics; this is coined 3D printed electronics. Combining these two is important and needs maturing, but these two alone are not enough. Adding additional and proven processes such as drilling, milling, polishing, pick and place and coupling these processes with post-processing steps such as photonic curing, laser sintering, heating and finally adding to this post inspection using vision enhances the electrical performance of Printed Circuit Structures. This next generation of processes on a single tool is Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), and it will add optimized electrical function in true three dimensions and any shape. This paper will cover the DDM processes, provide specific fabricated examples using DDM and present a path for future electronic packaging.

Key Words: 

3D printing, Printed electronics, Electronic Packaging, Direct Digital Manufacturing, micro dispensing.

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