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Comparison Study between Lead Free Solder and Low Temperature Solder for Hand Soldering Rework

Authors: Maria Mejias, Connie Lavinger, Keyla Bastardo
Company: Intel Corporation
Date Published: 10/14/2018   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Low Temperature Solder (LTS) paste has many benefits to the SMT (surface mount technology) rework process. LTS paste has a lower reflow temperature which can reduce package and board warpage on thinner boards and thinner packages. This can result in higher yields and a reduction in the manufacturing costs. Since it requires a lower reflow temperature, reflow ovens and rework equipment consume less power making LTS more eco-friendly than Lead Free SAC Solder. When repairs are needed using the hand soldering tools on board assemblies built with LTS, it is not recommended to use the same flux, solder wire and tips that usually being used on SAC assembly. The materials and tools must be compatible with LTS to avoid quality issues. The intent of this study is to identify the challenges related to hand soldering repairs on a board built with LTS. The paper will examine the use of materials and solder tips compatible for LTS regarding hand soldering repairs. Finally, the paper will summarize the challenges in LTS rework and provide recommendations to have a successful hand soldering repair of components on boards built with low temperature solder paste.

Key Words: 

Low Temperature Solder Paste (LTS), Lead Free SAC Solder Paste, Print Circuit Board (PCB), Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

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