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Experimental Study on the Capability and Performance of a Jet Dispensing Feeder in Components Fastening

Authors: Keyla Y. Bastardo, Tayler Swanson, Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.
Company: Rochester Institute of Technology
Date Published: 10/14/2018   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: One of the biggest challenges of the electronic industry is how to assemble a wide range of small and large form factor components while keeping the same reliability and performance (Palm, P. et al 2005). The surface mount placement machines used to accurately place components onto a printed circuit board must be accurate and reliable enough to meet the throughput requirements at the lower cost (Prasad, 1997). A common PCB design used to increase the PCB density is the double sided PCB, in which heavy components can cause yield issues due to components falling during the second pass through the reflow oven. To keep this from happening modern factories affix such components by dispensing adhesive under the component before it is placed on the printed circuit board (Pfeffer, et. al, 2011). Applying adhesive under the component normally requires an additional station in the SMT manufacturing process, and hence a lower throughput. In this study, a surface mount placement machine with adhesive jetting capability is evaluated to identify potential factors affecting its capability and performance. The jet feeder unit used in this study is a novel solution for dual-sided circuit boards and other applications requiring the selective gluing and fastening of SMT components. The proposed research attempts to understand the factors and interactions that must considered to improve the process performance.

Key Words: 

Jet Glue Feeder, components fastening, adhesive dispensing defects

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