SMTA China Conference Proceedings

01005/008004 Components Assembly Challenge

Authors: Kenneth Thum, Jonas Sjoberg, Sze Pei Lim, Wisdom Qu, Fiona Chen
Company: Indium Corporation
Date Published: 4/25/2017   Conference: SMTA China

Abstract: In a previous paper, a printing test had been done on 008004 components. In the study, the attempted apertures are smaller than usual 008004 pads, as to simulate paste reduction to allow very close pad to pad distance & prevent bridging. The target was to achieve 50um gap between component pads without bridging during paste printing. However the achievable distance was 80um during previous test setup condition.

In this round of study, printings setup will utilize an electroform stencil and also vacuum tooling to minimize gasketing problem during solder paste printing. We also attempt to print even smaller apertures down to 120um x 60um, area ratio of 0.57. In order to meet up with the 5 ball rule, T7SG powders will also be tested to check how fine we can print with the setup and whether it could achieve 50um component gap printing.

Results obtained shows that 50um gap printing is possible with correct setup. The support of PCB while printing is extremely important and could affects the printing consistency significantly.

Key Words: 

System-in-Package (SiP); miniaturization; IoT; 008004; 0201M; Fine powder solder paste; printing optimization

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