Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings

Advances in Computer Tomography (3d) For Demanding Electronics Applications

Author: Keith Bryant
Company: Yxlon International
Date Published: 2/5/2018   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: This paper will explain the benefits and limitations of existing (traditional) CT technology within electronics, covering Feldkamp, laminography techniques, both in line (AXI) and off line, plus the newer Inclined or partial CT technologies. Also, explaining the meaning of 2.5D which is a term becoming common in the industry, that can lead to confusion with CT or ICT. It will also look at issues with the reconstruction techniques normally used within our industry. The paper will contrast this with more sophisticated x-ray systems, which have crossed over from the NDT arena where technology advances including dual tube units, which can image at sub-micron level and have the ability to build an accurate and detailed 3D image of a tablet or smart phone without any stitching or joining of images now offer an extra dimension to the user. With high quality 3D reconstruction software, these images can easily be manipulated to allow key features or failure sites to be easily seen. These systems are now being used in Electronics Failure Analysis but also in NPI and in the design and development process, as CAD data can be overlaid, metrology plus reverse engineering is also possible with some advanced systems.

Key Words: 

Computer Tomography, CT, x-ray, semiconductor, SMT, electronics inspection.

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