Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings

The Development of Test Methodolgies for Determining The Formulations and Mechanical Properties of Leadfree Nano Solder

Authors: Sammy Shina, Ph.D., P.E and Irtiza Akhtar M.S.
Company: University of Massachusetts Lowell
Date Published: 2/5/2018   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: This paper discusses a 6-month investigation performed at the University of Massachusetts Lowell during the first half of 2017 into developing a leadfree nanosolder Paste through different formulations and concentrations, while comparing the performance against commercially available SAC solders. This step-by-step approach to determine the optimal mechanical properties and performance of leadfree nanosolders can be useful as a blueprint for developing alternative solder alloy combinations for enhanced leadfree soldering performance. Statistical analysis was extensively used for comparison of nanopaste versus baseline SAC solder performance, and the results of each phase led to additional testing phases to further develop the nanosolder properties. In addition, the efficacy of the testing was verified using baseline SAC soldering. The resources of a research University were used to determine the best alternatives to conduct the testing using relevant Electronics industry standards. A support team of leading industry experts from the solder supply chain and the potential customer base from the local US Northeast area of solder suppliers, medical, military and commercial potential customers were available to assist the research team and directing them into the most likely successful approaches to the solution process for optimal soldering performance. This paper will summarize the results of work performed to date, and will update the technical soldering community on the progress towards achieving a superior nanosolder performance for leadfree soldering.

Key Words: 

Pull test, shear test, nanosolder, leadfree

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