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Silicone Hot-Melt Technology: A New Alternative for Fast Assembly Operations

Author: Carlos Montemayor
Company: Dow Corning Corp.
Date Published: 9/17/2017   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The trend of incorporating more and more electronic devices into our daily life is bringing challenges for the industry. The demand for slimmer, lighter, and more powerful devices increases the complexity of the designs, many times incorporating the need for assembly together numerous parts quickly and durably during manufacture. To cope with this trend the industry needs high-performance adhesives that can quickly bonds to support innovative designs and to accelerate production cycles. For years, silicones have been used in the electronics industry as assembly materials for multiple operations and applications. A large variety of silicone adhesives are available to satisfy the needs for the majority of these operations. When selecting an adhesive for electronic device assembly, reworkability, instant green strength, good adhesion strength to a large variety of substrates, and excellent reliability are attractive attributes. New silicone hot-melt adhesives can provide all of these features, which can improve processing efficiency, quality and total cost of ownership for consumer electronics device manufacturers. This paper presents reliability data to explore the performance of the silicone hot-melt adhesive when exposed to different conditions such as: high temperature ageing, chemical resistance, thermal shock, damp heat, and salt spray. Likewise, the adhesion strength to different substrates was evaluated.

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