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Resource-Efficient and Cost-Effective Wave Soldering - Plasma Fluxing, Pulsar Preheating and Lead Free Low Temperature Soldering

Authors: Andreas Reinhardt, Ph.D., Arne Neiser
Company: SEHO Systems GmbH
Date Published: 9/17/2017   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: In this paper, the latest technologies for wave soldering are presented along the process chain. Starting with plasma fluxing, an alternative to liquid based fluxing is described, that offers low cost (100% solids) while being environment friendly (no VOCs – volatile organic compounds). Latest soldering results using this technology will be discussed and basic conditions when this process can be efficiently introduced into a factory environment will be presented. Concerning preheating, previous heaters like infrared heaters were not usable for mixed production without long delays for switching between different settings. To resolve this limitation, pulsar heaters can be used for preheating that offer a quick response while having a radiation wavelength that is very well absorbed by PCB materials. Using these preheaters, high mix and high volume production is possible within the limits that were identified by test series using massive and light assemblies. To even further reduce the power consumption, low temperature solder (BiSnAg) can also be used for wave soldering. Necessary adjustments for a changeover from standard solders and experience from soldering experiments with different PCBs will be described to close the gap between known reliability results from research facilities for these solders and actual industrial application. In combination, the energy demand for wave soldering can be lowered to less than ? of the demand of conventional equipment.

Key Words: 

wave soldering, THT, PTH, through hole, energy, resources.

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