SMTA International Conference Proceedings

Packages and Interconnects Under Harsh Environment Conditions

Authors: Kirsten Weide-Zaage, Ph.D., Hélène Frémont, Verena Hein
Company: RESRI Group, Institute of Microelectronic Systems (IMS) at Leibniz Universität Hannover, PACE Group, Laboratoire IMS, Université de Bordeaux, X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG
Date Published: 9/17/2017   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The downscaling in ULSI systems, extended life time requirements, the use under harsh environment conditions and new materials influence the reliability of components in terms of stress related defects, corrosion and radiation more and more.

Harsh environment requires reliability goals which can be reached by a more application related reliability specification, by new processes, materials or design approaches [1]. Thermal, electrical and mechanical behavior simulation can facilitate the necessary development work by the determination of the main failure mechanisms, the interaction of mechanisms, the degradation behavior of new materials and design [2].

For harsh environment applications corrosion is a growing reliability issue in micro- and nano-electronic assemblies, for the interconnection itself as well as for the signal integrity. Only few models of corrosion evolution already exist for metallization or for dielectrics materials.

Another reliability influencing effect is the unavoidable presence of particle radiation on ground and in space. It leads to unwanted failures in the electronic devices and gains relevance especially for applications with interacting failure mechanisms and higher life time goals. Furthermore the “reliability”-goal-driven use of COTS becomes more and more important to decrease the mission costs. In this paper a small overview about considerations for harsh environment conditions and simulation in terms of migration, corrosion and radiation will be given.

Key Words: 

Harsh Condition, robustness, Packaging, Interconnect, Simulation

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