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Effects of Cl2, NO2, Rh and Temperature on Accelerated Silver and Copper Corrosion in Mixed Flowing Gas Test

Authors: Bo Yuan, Debra A. Fleming, Holly Rubin, Richard Popowich, Robert L. Opila , Chen Xu
Company: University of Delaware, Nokia, Bell Labs
Date Published: 9/17/2017   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Mixed flowing gas (MFG) test is one of the most common laboratory accelerated tests to simulate corrosion phenomenon of electronic equipment due to field exposure. Even though Cu corrosion in MFG has been extensively studied, Ag corrosion has not been as fully investigated as Cu. One of the main challenges is to understand the role of Cl2 concentration in Ag corrosion. In this work, we present synergistic effect between Cl2 and H2S on Ag corrosion rate in the MFG. We also investigated effects of relative humidity (RH), NO2 concentration and temperature on accelerating Ag corrosion. Cu coupons were used with Ag coupons for direct comparison and reference to chamber corrosivity. Cathodic reduction was used to quantitatively determine Ag and Cu corrosion products. Scanning electron microscopy was applied to compare surface morphologies of metal films under various test conditions. This work will enable more accurate prediction of electronic products life through MFG tests.

Key Words: 

Cl2 monitoring, Ag and Cu corrosion, mixed flowing gas

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