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Highly Reliable Package Bonding with Copper Sintering Paste

Authors: Hideo Nakako, Dai Ishikawa, Chie Sugama, Yuki Kawana, Motohiro Negishi, Yoshinori Ejiri
Company: Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Date Published: 9/17/2017   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: A new reliable bonding material has been in highly demanded because of the high operating temperatures of power devices. Here, we report on high temperature package bonding with our Cu sintering paste. This package has a thermal cycle reliability better than Ag sintered die-bonding or high-lead solder do. The power cycle reliability of this package is also better than that of high-lead solder. Our Cu sintering paste is curable at a temperature of over 225 ?C in H2 atmosphere under pressureless conditions. The die-shear adhesive strengths observed for Cu, Ni, Au, Ag, and Pd adherends were greater than 40 MPa. The thermal conductivity of the sintering Cu bonding layer was 180 W/m?K, allowing rapid heat release. This Cu sintering paste could be an ideal die-bonding material that has high thermal conductivity, high bonding reliability, reasonable cost, and is applicable in mass production of power modules.

Key Words: 

Power Electronics, Die-bonding, Pressureless Sintering, Copper, Bonding reliability.

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