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Requirements For A Secure And Scalable Industrial Internet Of Things (

Authors: Jay Gorajia, B.Sc. EE and MBA
Company: Mentor Graphics
Date Published: 3/28/2017   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: Trends that have been building gradually for a long time in the electronics industry have now reached a critical mass—putting significant pressure on the need to adapt. With the advent of Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology, a scalable, open, secure and efficient platform for the PCB Assembly industry is needed and now may be possible. However, Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”), more applicable to manufacturing, needs to be ‘PCB Assembly aware’. Connectivity and communication between machines, humans and cloud need to understand PCB assembly operations and transactions. In addition, interoperability and security issues must be addressed. Communication definitions should be open, so hardware vendors may communicate with other equipment, gateways, and business transactors freely. The communication methods are plentiful, starting from OPC-UA to Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) transfer protocol and even including some additional TCP variants. Standardized data exchange over distributed servers to many different access points is what makes the Internet effective and useful. Similarly, an IIoT platform to work, each production machine and process has to be able to distribute information quickly and efficiently to provide clients (equipment, automation, cloud or human) with whatever information they may need to provide the right decision analytics driving transactions at PCB assembly operations. One should not ignore the critical issue of support for the thousands of different legacy machines that are in use throughout the industry. It is the believed that IIoT appliances and gateways will be available in the marketplace, once an IIoT platform is standardized.

Other industry business that have embraced IIoT have seen improvements in safety, efficiency, quality and returns. We seek to see the same in PCB Assembly.

This paper provides the requirements for such open, secure, scalable and robust IIoT platform for the PCB Assembly industry, including required PCB assembly specific use-cases and required capabilities, to ensure applicability of any IIoT platform.

Key Words: 

Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT, Internet of Things, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, PCB Assembly, Assembly Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, Intelligent Factory, CM, EMS, Contract Manufacturing, Assembly, Manufacturing, Competitive Advantage, BI, Business Intelligence, Manufacturing Operations Management, Manufacturing Execution System, Electronic Manufacturing, Cloud, HMI, Cyber-Physical System

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