Emerging Technologies Conference Proceedings


Author: Maurice J. Marongiu
Company: MJM Engineering
Date Published: 11/16/1998   Conference: Emerging Technologies

Abstract: Thermal management of electronic components is vital for their successful incorporation into final products such as computers, telecommunications enclosures, etc. At the package level, the incorporation of high thermal conductivity materials between the die and the package's heat sink has allowed for significant improvements. For the proper operation of multi-part components such as DC-DC converters and integrated switching regulators, similar approaches may be followed but have not been fully explored yet.

These multi-part components are a combination of single individual sub-components such as transformers, resistors etc on a board substrate and then the whole board is enveloped or packaged in a plastic case. The interior of this plastic case can be left either empty or filled with a molding compound (mostly for protective reasons). This study will be conducted using CFD simulations of prototypical integrated packages in which diverse fillers will be used: air, low conductivity conventional molding compound, and high thermal conductivity molding compound. The use of molding compounds also allows for placing heat sinks that protrude the outer shell of the package. The paper will present data for natural and forced convection cooling conditions for packages dissipating heat at various levels. Results indicate that high conductivity molding compounds, such as those containing SCAN* Silica Coated Aluminum Nitride, allow for the highest heat dissipation.

* Trademark of the Dow Chemical Company

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