Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings

Future of Embedding And Fan-Out Technologies

Authors: Rao Tummala, Ph.D; Venky Sundaram, Ph.D; Pulugurtha M. Raj, Ph.D; Vanessa Smet, Ph.D.
Company: 3D Systems Packaging Research Center Georgia Institute of Technology
Date Published: 2/6/2017   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: Embedding is the most important strategic technology that is applicable for all digital, RF and power applications. When combined with fan-out at chip- and board-levels, it enables higher I/O applications. Embedded wafer fan-out (eWFO) is fabricated in either wafer fabs using BEOL tools, materials and processes, or OSAT’s built-up fabs and tools. The eWFO from 300mm wafer fabs is capable of the ultimate I/O density but at high cost. The eWFOs from OSATs are capable of handling high I/Os from their 300mm fabs and the technology is extendable to panels. This technology is suitable for small devices such as RF. Embedding with or without fan-out is most suitable for power devices. They don’t require high I/Os, but they need to be manufactured at very low cost. Ultra-large panels such as boards from PWB industry or LCD industry, are best suited to embed these devices.There is a need to couple ultra-high density of interconnections such as from wafer-based foundries with high-throughput panel manufacturing so as to end up with highest performance at lowest cost, even for larger ICs and packages and with very high I/O density. Two solutions are emerging: 1) panel-based embedding and fan-out manufacturing infrastructure, and 2) inorganic panel fan-out such as glass fan-out.

Key Words: 

Embedding Fan-Out, Embedding Power, Embedding RF, Embedding Digital, Embedding Millimeter Wave, Wafer-Level Packaging, Wafer Fan-Out, Panel Fan-Out, Board Fan-Out, Glass Can-Out, Integrated Voltage Regulator

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