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Author: Tom Lyons
Company: Manufacturers Services Limited
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The drive to reduce cost, improve manufacturing processes and meet higher standards for quality are well-known conditions in the electronics industry. OEMs who have chosen to outsource core steps in the process increasingly look to their electronics manufacturing service (EMS) partners to help them meet these challenges. As EMS companies develop systems and tools designed to address these needs, they are increasingly turning to software systems that measure yield, monitor work-in-process and enable reduced cycle time.

This paper addresses the challenges in selecting and implementing a fully integrated system for real-time control and monitoring of quality at various stages in the printed circuit board assembly process. It discusses the evaluation of existing hardware, software and manufacturing processes to determine the criteria necessary for identifying and selecting a vendor and a solution. It addresses strategies for benchmarking existing processes and measuring quality throughout the implementation. The presentation also discusses training and re-education requirements for maximizing the system’s benefits.

The paper addresses:  Challenges and benefits of building a closed-loop system for measuring production quality  The critical question of build or buy and trade-offs in using a packaged application  The need for education and training to assist the 'change of culture'  Special software requirements for the test area  Label placement - key process area  Progression from data-poor to information-rich environment

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