Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings

New Technology, Small Footprint (9’ X 4’), Vertical Circuit Washing System for PCBAS (< 3” X 3”)

Author: Peter Fritsche
Company: Data Sciences International
Date Published: 1/25/2016   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: Data Sciences International’s (DSI) customers were experiencing an unacceptably high failure rate on one of our small (1.1 cc) implantable RF transmitters. With the help of Foresite, Inc., contamination on the circuit was identified to be one of the primary causes for the poor performance and reliability. Extensive research was conducted and no viable industry standard circuit washing system existed to meet the specific needs (small circuit size [< 0.4 in2], lower production volumes [~50,000 circuits per year], thoroughly drying circuits and continuous flow [non-batch processing]). To fill this need, a new washing technology was developed.

Key Words: 

Circuit Washing System, Flexible And Configurable Design, Vertical Part Orientation, Small Footprint, Low Power Consumption, Automated, Heated Output Conveyor, Ionized Air Knife, Superior Cleanliness, Small Critical Application (Class 3) Circuits, Saponifier, DI Steam, Ionized Convection Oven, Critical Cleanliness Control (C3), Ion Chromatography, Corrosivity Factor

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