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Impact of Process Control in Pb-free to SnPb Reballing Techniques - Part II: Contamination and Cleaning

Author: Joelle Arnold
Company: DfR Solutions
Date Published: 11/18/2014   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: PowerPoint Presentation Only

For high reliability industries that have not transitioned to Pb-free solders, reballing of Pb-free ball grid array (BGA) type components is the preferred solution to obsolescence of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) BGAs manufactured with SnPb solder. This work focuses on observed differences in the reballing techniques, control of ionic exposure employed by reballers, cleaning procedures, and the resulting differences in reballed components. Five different reballers employing distinct techniques were audited during reballing of dummy chip scale packages (CSP) and large BGAs. Fully reballed components were tested for cleanliness. Flux selection for ball removal and ball attach appears to be the most important factor in ionic concentration on the reballed component, while cleaning appears to have little impact. Undesirable concentrations of halides were measured on final reballed components from all studied suppliers. Methodology and process controls during reballing can have notable effects on the quality of the final assembly, and eventual reliability in the field.

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