Medical Electronics Symposium Conference Proceedings

Wearable Flexible Hybrid Electronics ECG Monitor

Authors: James N. Turner, Ph.D.
Company: Binghamton University
Date Published: 9/16/2015   Conference: Medical Electronics Symposium

Abstract: PowerPoint Presentation Only

Flexible hybrid electronics technology is being used to develop a wearable ECG and skin temperature monitor. In later generations, the monitor is expected to form the infrastructure for the addition of sensors for monitoring biomarkers in sweat. All components and materials were commercially available, and all fabrication processes were executed in manufacturing environments. The monitor is composed of a Kapton? substrate with ECG electrodes, a thermistor, and connecting traces printed on one surface and the electronic components mounted on other. Both sides have copper circuitization connected by copper plated through hole vias (THV). ECG signals are amplified, preconditioned and wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to a host computer. The monitor is 2x2 inches and has been demonstrated to produce high fidelity ECG signals at the host from both certified archived human ECG signals and ECG signals from human volunteers. The monitor reproduced the archived signals at the host from which a set of clinical parameters were calculated that closely matched those of the archived signals. Manufacturing challenges and device reliability will be discussed. Work sponsored by the NanoBio Manufacturing Consortium administered by the Flextech Alliance and funded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory.

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