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Development of Advanced Embedded Die Modules for Power Electronics Applications

Authors: Lars Boettcher, Stefan Karaszkiewicz, Dionysios Manessis and Andreas Ostmann
Company: Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) and Technical University of Berlin
Date Published: 9/27/2015   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The concepts described in this paper will enable significant smaller form-factor of power electronics modules, thereby allowing for lower price, high reliability, capability of direct mounting on a motor so as to form one unit with the motor housing, wide switching frequency range (for large application fields) and high power efficiency.

The innovative character of this packaging concept lies on the idea to embed the power components (IGBTs, MOSFETs, diode) as thinned chips into epoxy-resin layer built-up and thereby to realize large-area interconnections on both sides by direct copper plating the semiconductor to form a conductor structure with lowest possible electrical impedance and to achieve an optimum heat removal. In this way a compact and small-sized core is formed which is called Embedded Power Core. The paper will specifically highlight the first results on manufacturing an embedded power discrete package as an example of an embedded power core having a 250µm thin rectifier diode with 5µm copper metallization on both sides. Subsequently, the power cores with copper/immersion Ag metallization are interconnected to insulated metal substrates (IMS) by sintering interconnection technologies for the final manufacturing of Power modules. This paper will discuss the manufacturing aspects for IMSs with respect to high thermal conductive prepregs used and the Cu/prepreg/Cu stacks selected for each power application in the project. In addition to that, the paper will elaborate on the sintering process for Power Core/IMS interconnections, the microscopically features of the sintered interfaces, and the lateral filling of the sintering gap with epoxy prepregs. The concurrent resin filling and sintering interconnection has been a topic of intensive experimentation.

Key Words: 

Power semiconductor packaging, embedded components, embedded actives and passives, PCB technology, System in Package, power electronics, silver sintering

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