Surface Mount International Conference Proceedings


Author: Robin L. Sellers
Company: Delphi Delco Electronics Sys
Date Published: 8/23/1998   Conference: Surface Mount International

Abstract: A commercially-available cleaning material/process has been identified, demonstrated, and implemented for flip- chip-on-laminate assemblies used in under-hood automotive applications. The optimum cleaning process was identified through business case assessments and a series of statistically designed experiments. Thermal cycle (-40’ to +15O”C ), surface insulation resistance, and other testing evaluated the effects of various cleaning materials in combination with various soldermasks, fluxes, and underfills. Cleaning was shown to effectively remove flux residues, improve underfill adhesion, and improve thermal cycle test performance cycle. Materials interaction studies were used to select the best performing combinations of soldermask, flux, cleaner, and underfill. Long-term reliability was then repeatedly demonstrated using the final material/process selections, product emulators, and thermal cycle testing. The selected cleaning material/process has been in use for more than one year in a low-volume prototype facility, and has recently been implemented in a medium-volume production facility. This paper summarizes the test methodology and results used in material/process selection, and identifies lessons learned concerning implementation of the technology. Keywords: automotive, electronics, cleaning material, cleaning process, flip chip, reliability,

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