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Optimization of X-Ray Inspection for Solder Charge Connectors

Authors: David Geiger, Zhen (Jane) Feng, Ph. D., Jennifer Nguyen, Weifeng Liu, Ph.D., Anwar Mohammed, Murad Kurwa, Golden Xu, Lea Su, and George Tint, Ph.D.
Company: AEG, FLEXTRONICS International Inc. and HDI Solutions, Inc.
Date Published: 9/27/2015   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Solder charge connectors are becoming more and more common components in PCBA manufacturing process due to their apparent benefits. They have much taller profiles compared to average SMT components and somewhat awkward structure mounted on BGA-like pads can lead to variations in their solder joint formations. Such uncommon features in the solder charge connectors pose challenges in X-ray inspection for the PCBA manufacturers.

As we have so far accumulated AXI inspection experiences for various SMT solder joint analysis and measurements [1], optimal Algorithm thresholds and best practice image analysis methods are attained on the AXI data as well as 2DX images. Recently we have reported our experience on AXI with CT for a Package on Package device [2]. In this project we extend this approach to study the joint quality of solder charge connectors with respect to IPC -A-610F specifications utilizing four different AXI systems (AXI3, AXI4, AXI5 and AXI6). Only 2D images are generated from AXI3, while AXI4, AXI5 and AXI6 have capabilities for imaging both 2D and CT (Computed tomography) [3]. The AXI with CT offer clear differences between good and bad solder joints, and pass/fail judgments are independent of their operator skills.

As conclusion, we use a new method to have correlations in our experimental results from different X-ray type machines, and also for different AXI machines with CT capabilities. We will summarize our findings with more clear and accurate analysis results in this paper.

Key Words: 

X-ray Inspection, 2DX AXI, Computed Tomography, Solder Charge Connector

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