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An Attempt to Study the MFG Test Pollutant Chemistry Effect to Match Filed Data

Authors: Vasu Vasudevan, Karumbu Meyyappan, Anil Kurella, Karl Pazdernik and Balu Pathangey
Company: Intel Corporation
Date Published: 9/27/2015   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Mixed Flow Gas (MFG) testing is an industry standard for field corrosion risk evaluation. Based on extensive data collected in the late 20th century, test conditions and gas constituents for MFG test exposure were established for qualification of connectors against corrosion that they may see in the field. However, with increasing economic growth seen in the emerging markets, where environmental pollution levels are higher, the field use conditions including pollutants types and levels need to be characterized. Field coupon corrosion data showed higher corrosion rates for silver (Ag) compared to copper (Cu). The need to understand the field environmental condition and corrosion rates is paramount to ensure that the appropriate test conditions are chosen for connector qualification. In this paper we attempted to do coupon level comparison study between the MFG test conditions and the field (data centers) exposed copper and silver base materials. We attempted to understand the synergistic effect played by humidity and NO2 in the lab test to simulate the field coupon data. We were not able to match the Lab coupon results to the field coupon data. This work shows the need for understanding the field pollutants and optimizes the MFG gas constituents to match with filed results.

Key Words: 

Component, MFG, Corrosion, Connector, Contact Resistance, enviornmental conditions

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