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Properties and Structure of Magnetically Responsive Fe - SAC305 Solder

Authors: Yiteng Lin, Xu Ke, Justin Zhou Yong, Eng Soon TOK, R. Gopala Krishnan, G. Yaadhav Raaj & G Srayes
Company: National University of Singapore and Advanced Integrated Analytical Test Services (A-IATS)
Date Published: 4/8/2014   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: Low-frequency electromagnetic induction ( EMI ) methodology and ferromagnetic materials are explored in recent years for precision and rapid reflow to enable advancement in solder-substrate interface reliability and productivity. In this paper, a battery of process and analytical techniques such as low-temperature mechanical grinding, traditional high-temperature melt process, XRD, DSC, SEM-EDX and VSM have been employed for scientific understanding of Fe role and impact on SAC305 solder matrix. Microstructure and microspectroscopy investigations confirm FeSn2 phase formation and Fe elemental form in melt process and mechanical grinding respectively. The strong presence of FeSn2 phase with predominant <211 > crystalline orientation is suggestive of potential solder process improvement opportunities for EMI-based reflow methodology.

Key Words: 

SAC solder, FeSn2, melt process, XRD, SEM/EDX, B-H

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