Symposium Conference Proceedings

Improving System Quality Through Quality Data Analytics

Authors: Wen Wei Low, Yvonne Yeo Chii
Company: IBM Corporation
Date Published: 4/14/2015   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: One of the major challenges facing the component engineering team is managing quality issues caused by components at the card level. These failures are often not reported until the failure rate exceeds a threshold level. Often when this occurs, there may be a lag in reacting to the quality issue by the component engineer and perhaps a higher exposure of affected lots in the next level of assembly or even extending to client impacts. The lack of visibility to failure rate data from card assembly, especially for second level components, is a major challenge limiting the ability of the component engineers to monitor trends and react proactively to failure rate shifts. However, the Contract Manufacturers (CM) also have challenges in tracking failure rate data of these second level components due to the complexity in debugging and the large number of components on a card.

In this paper, case studies will be discussed to demonstrate how available quality data drives improvement in component quality. The first section covers the essentials of a quality data system for customer, first level component supplier and second level component supplier. The second section covers the value add of monitoring failure rate data for first level components, i.e. Memory DIMMs where failure rate data is readily available from the supplier to box assembly and the field. The failure rate data has been used efficiently to drive supplier quality and provides insight on server level product performance. In the second section of the paper, a pilot study to proliferate the same failure rate tracking approach to second level components is demonstrated. This involves collaboration with the CM and supplier, as well as a failure analysis process flow to successfully and systematically monitor failure rate data of second level components. In summary, the benefits of tracking quality data for second level components with the collaboration of CMs and suppliers will be presented.

Key Words: 

component, quality, data, tracking

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