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Advanced Cleaning Fluid Design for Cleaning Highly Dense Interconnects without Attack to Exposed Metals

Authors: Mike Bixenman, DBA, Haley Jones, Chelsea Jewell, and Jason Chan
Company: Kyzen Corporation
Date Published: 4/21/2015   Conference: SMTA China

Abstract: This paper is in English and Chinese languages.

The miniaturization of modern electronics continues to challenge the effectiveness of common cleaning processes and the ability to obtain desired cleaning performance and optimal yield. Highly dense assemblies have more interconnects per surface area, which results in tighter pitch and lower standoff gaps. As standoff gaps lower, flux residues have less area to outgas during reflow. This results in more active residues under bottom terminations. A longer wash time is typically required to properly clean under the Z-axis.

Aqueous saponified cleaning agents diluted in deionized (01) water have commonly been used to remove flux residues under bottom terminated devices. Saponified cleaning agents are mildly alkaline to form an attractive force to the flux residue. However, alkaline cleaning agents can react, consume and corrode reactive metals. Extended time in the cleaning solution increases chemical attack to these exposed metals. Potential metal incompatibilities and insufficient rinsing represent the most common challenges for engineering improved cleaning agents for cleaning highly dense assemblies. The purpose of this research paper is to test advance aqueous cleaning agent designs for cleaning electronic hardware without attacking reactive metals.

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