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Cleaning Flux Residue Under Bottom Termination Components in Batch Spray-In-Air Tools

Authors: Mike Bixenman, Chelsea Jewell, Kevin Soucy, Jan Declercq and Jason Chan
Company: Kyzen Corporation
Date Published: 4/17/2013   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: Electronic assembly mean time to failure studies have reported various forms of corrosion from residues left uncleaned under Bottom Termination Components. Some of the concerns with miniaturized components are decreased conductor distance, low standoff heights, and residues bridging conductors. Assemblers who decide to clean want assurance that the residues will be removed under bottom termination components.

Numerous factors must be considered when engineering a cleaning process that is capable of removing flux residues from under Bottom Termination Components. Four key factors to an ideal cleaning condition are (1) PCB Board Design, (2) Solder Paste / Flux Selection, (3) Cleaning Agent Selection, and (4) Cleaning Machine Selection.

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate the cleanability of low residue flux residues under Bottom Termination Components in batch spray in air cleaning tools. The study will report flux removal efficiency of aqueous cleaning agents in various batch cleaning tools. From the data findings, inferences will be made as to the important features that provide a wide cleaning process window.

Key Words: 

Electronic Assembly Cleaning, Design for Cleaning, Batch Cleaning Machines, Cleaning under BTCs, Z-Axis

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