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Sealing Dispensing Requirements To Meet MEMS Packaging and Throughput Impact

Author: Heakyoung Park
Company: Nordson ASYMTEK
Date Published: 4/17/2013   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: The MEMS industry has gained big momentum recently with significant unit growth, especially in the consumer market. While traditional MEMS devices like automotive accelerators have established high-volume manufacturing processes and packages with high reliability, most MEMS devices have been fragmented in packaging because of their unique requirements and small volumes, resulting in high packaging costs. In the cost-sensitive consumer market, devices such as MEMS microphones, accelerometers, and gyroscopes in mobile devices have rapidly increased their production volume and chased lower packaging cost while accepting relatively less reliability than traditional devices.

Sealing dispensing can be applied to device or cap wafer for wafer capping process. Wafer capping protects active MEMS from dicing process after release because the additional cavity wafer with sealing covers the MEMS structure. There are manufacturing challenges because wafer capping requires precise alignment and a variety of bonding methods have technical drawbacks. Printing is one way to deposit sealing lines to cap wafers, but consumes a relatively wide area and may not work if the sealing line must go onto the MEMS die wafer. Sealing line can also be applied to organic substrate that contains MEMS device and ASIC and then cap is attached for bonding in cavity packages.

Previous paper covered technical requirements for dispensing sealant, volumetric accuracy, and motion systems to meet packaging trends and addressed manufacturing cost reductions. This paper will include investigating the impact on the throughput model due to size reduction efforts in packaging. More dies can be produced per given substrate size, which means there is more dispensing area per substrate. In addition, sealing line requirements will be more challenging, and so this paper will address these demands.

Key Words: 

MEMS packaging, dispensing sealant, sealing dispensing, throughput, motion systems, wafer capping

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