SMTA International Conference Proceedings

A.R.E.A. - Component Warpage: Issues with Measurement and Standardization

Authors: Martin K. Anselm, Ph.D.
Company: Universal Instruments Corporationand Rochester Institute of Technology
Date Published: 9/28/2014   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Component warpage is the root cause for many manufacturing defects encountered by Contract Manufactures (CMs) who develop processes for the assembly of advanced products. Current JEDEC JESD22-B112A [1] and JEITA ED-7306 [2] standards for package warpage at elevated temperature describe the measurement techniques and provide maximum warpage recommendation for FBGA and FLGA devices. Historically only the JEITA standard defines the maximum allowable elevated temperature warpage conditions for FBGAs and FLGAs. The limitation of these standards is that defining the component warpage as an absolute is not acceptable for many of the instances where Head in Pillow (HiP) failures are observed in production. For example, there are many devices that easily comply with the standards, as characterized utilizing the prescribed techniques, yet still produce HiP failures. This is observed even in situations where contamination is an unlikely cause. The intent of this paper is to describe the limitations in measurement and complexity of warpage related defects. Several case studies are used to highlight the limitations of current industry standards and to serve as a launching point for research topics into warpage induced defects.

Key Words: 

HiP, Head-in-Pillow, HoP, Head-on-Pillow, Warpage, Coplanarity, Parallelism, Shadow Moiré, warpage mitigation

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