SMTA International Conference Proceedings

What You Cannot See Can Be Hand Soldered

Authors: Paul Wood and Bob Wettermann
Company: OK International and BEST Inc.
Date Published: 9/28/2014   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The ever continuing trend of miniaturization in handheld electronics for smaller, lighter and more portable devices has been driving the implementation of ever smaller components on the PCBs found inside. The 01005 package offers one of the smallest footprints for these products and can be very desirable for board designers. 01005's have been making their way in to handheld high volume assemblies such as the Apple iPhone and Galaxy 4 smart phones. The extremely small size of the device presents unique production challenges in regard to: board and pad design, board fabrication, stencil design, solder paste selection, stencil printing placement process, and the reflow process, pushing the limit of current practices. This will create many situations where rework of the 01005 will be required as even dust due to airborne contaminants can result in a defect as its size is on the order of magnitude of the pad itself. The size of the package and its handling makes for unique challenges in the rework of these packages.

This paper will demonstrate a variety of viable 01005 hand soldering rework methods, many of which do not rely on capital intensive, difficult to operate, complex rework systems. Rating these processes in terms of ease of use, how long the process takes, the repeatability of the process, the flexibility of the process and the number of specialty tools required.

Key Words: 

01005 rework, hand soldering, rework methods, solder paste dispensing small volumes

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