SMTA International Conference Proceedings

More than Monitoring; Controlling Multi-Phase Cleaning Agents

Authors: Ram Wissel, Haley Jones, David Lober and Jonathan Afugu
Company: Kyzen Corporation and MTSU
Date Published: 9/28/2014   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Aqueous cleaning fluids are engineered to remove the most challenging flux residues from electronic assemblies of varying complexities. Cleaning fluids and processes are highly dynamic. The cleaning agents are delivered at elevated temperatures often using pressurized spray impingement. The materials that make up the cleaning agent perform critical functions that enable cleaning on a wide range of flux residue soils. Specific ingredients are required in the cleaning agent to dissolve, react, induce a dipole, wet, or inhibit material interactions with components. Over time, some of the materials deplete while others build up within the wash bath.

Assemblers must know that the wash bath is within control limits. Controlling the wash bath requires the ability to monitor the chemistry/water ratio, adjust for build-up and depletions, as well as predict when the wash bath is depleted. Real time monitoring is relatively straightforward; however, monitoring and controlling a wash bath is a highly complex achievement. The purpose of this research is to present advanced technology for monitoring, controlling and measuring contamination levels. The goal of this technology is to provide the assembler with real time data for controlling the cleaning process.

Key Words: 

Electronic assembly defluxing, Concentration measurement, Soil loading, Differential density, Sonic velocity, Refractive index, Flux cleaning

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