SMTA International Conference Proceedings

Impact of Solder Interconnect Configuration Modeling on Reliability Assessment Results of Electronic Assemblies

Authors: Jingsong Xie, Ph.D.
Company: RelEng Technologies, Inc.
Date Published: 9/28/2014   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: In recent years, efforts have been made to automate and integrate assembly level reliability analysis into electronic and mechanical design. The goal is to make reliability information available for PCB designers during their design process as a basis for design modifications and improvement. In 3D component models, sufficient consideration of geometrical features of both packages and interconnects are necessary due to the fact that interconnect reliability performance can largely depend upon local design details. To achieve certain accuracy while facilitating modeling automation, an understanding of the impact of modeling local geometrical features on variations of reliability assessment results is necessary for the efforts.

In this study, geometrical factors that are of particular interests for automation in FEA modeling are first identified from those that have been reported significant to accuracy of assessment results in previous studies. This study focuses on understanding the impact of the factors across an assembly board of this investigation. This information will help with follow-up effort of model simplification and component model library creation. These geometries include different geometric shapes of both array type solder balls and gull-wing type SMT solder joints. Discussions also involve the impact of some typical local assembly configuration features such as solder areas, copper pads and solder masks on stress analysis results.

Key Words: 

solder interconnect, reliability assessment, electronic assembly, geometrical factor, automation process of simulation and analysis

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