Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings

Embedded Product Descriptions in XML Supply Chain Data Transfer Methodology

Author: Dieter W. Bergman
Company: IPC Inc.
Date Published: 2/11/2014   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: As technology increases, and supply chain partners become more global the greatest frustration in building electronic products occurs in the hand-off between design and manufacturing. Even simple products that have conductive layers in a particular stack-up configuration can be misinterpreted due to missing information, incomplete manufacturing instructions, or material selection variations that change the impedance, loss tangent or other electrical properties.

Added to the dilemma is the potential to place some parts inside the mounting structure. These electronic products are not just where a few components are embedded; these products are complete electronic assemblies where part of their electrical function is pre-fabricated as an embedded component printed board onto which may be added additional layers and external components.

There are many reasons that a project is a candidate for embedding parts internally. One is performance, in order to position capacitors closer to the power pins of the I/C; another would be that there are too many parts to permit a robust assembly process. A greater reason might be that the total component density is so high that the design must break many of the DFM rules established for manufacturing high yield products.

Whatever the reason chosen to embed part of the circuitry, the global supply chain requires sound management as the manufacturing efforts are passed from one supplier to another. This paper addresses all the issues and provides solutions that have been developed by the IPC-2581 Consortium. These companies have banned together to provide a new version of the XML schema in IPC-2581. The modified format has place holders for all the requirements needed for standard assemblies as well as embedded component products and be explained as to how they provide clear manufacturing direction.

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