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Author: Jim Kane
Company: Universal Instruments
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: As today’s products are introduced at a quickening pace and product life cycles continue to shrink, it becomes increasingly important to design manufacturing systems capable of quickly addressing changing needs. The key to a successful product launch continues to be having the right product, at the right time – and at the right volume. The drive to provide products early in the product demand curve and being able to ramp up in time to fulfill the needs at peak demand, are the keys to recouping development costs and gaining market share. In order to achieve the quick production ramp-up it is imperative to understand the manufacturing processes limiting capacity growth and what can be done to minimize their effect.

The difficulty in today’s electronics manufacturing environment is, due to changing component technology, significant swings in assembly process requirements may be introduced as result of a packaging change. As a result, today’s “gating process” may suddenly be replaced by a more process intense application – further impacting throughput and requiring additional capital expenditures.

To help address this changing environment many manufacturers are taking renewed interest in manufacturing simulation tools. The newer tools allow engineers to introduce potential changes to assembly processes and study their impact. The result is, areas of potential concern in the assembly process are identified earlier and modifications are made to the manufacturing system “proactively” rather than “reactively”. This paper will review a few examples of recent technology changes, their impact on assembly processes and how manufacturers reacted to these changes.

This paper will be presented together with software simulation models demonstrating the issues discussed in the paper. For information regarding the simulation analysis please contact the author.

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