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Solder Joint Encapsulant Adhesive – Pop TMV High Reliability And Low Cost Assembly Solution

Authors: Mary Liu, Ph.D. and Wusheng Yin, Ph.D.
Company: YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC
Date Published: 10/13/2013   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: With the advancement of the electronic industry, package on package (POP) has become increasingly popular IC package for electronic devices, particularly POP TMV (Through Mold Vials) in mobile devices due to its benefits of miniaturization, design flexibility and cost efficiency. However, there are some issues that have been reported such as SIR drop due to small gap between top and bottom components, difficulty underfilling and rework due to stacked IC components and process yield issues. Some suppliers have reported using some methods such as dipping epoxy paste or epoxy flux to address these issues, but so far no customer has reported using these methods or materials in their mass production. In order to address these issues for POP TMV assembly, YINCAE has successfully developed and commericialized the first individual solder joint encapsulant adhesive for mass production for years.

YINCAE solder joint encapsulant adhesives - SMT 256 and SMT 266 series are applied by printing, dipping or jetting process onto a substrate or component. They can remove metal oxide from pads and bumps to allow solder joint to form. SMT 256 and SMT 266 are then cured with the formation of 3-D polymer network encapsulating each individual solder joint; there is no adhesive in between solder joints blocking outgassing channels to ensure process yield. After using solder joint encapsulant adhesive for POP TMV assembly, the pull strength of solder joint is increased about five times and the SIR drop issue is addressed with high process yield. All details such as assembly process, drop test and thermal cycling test will be discussed in the full paper.

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