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01005 Passive Component Rework

Author: Ronald Wachter
Company: Air-Vac Engineering Co., Inc.
Date Published: 10/13/2013   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The continuing trend towards miniaturization in handheld electronics for smaller, lighter and portable devices, from consumer appliances, such as, cell phones to life critical devices, such as, pacemakers and defense applications requires the use of smaller and smaller components in electronic assembly. The recently introduced 01005 package offers one of the smallest footprints for these products and can be very desirable for board designers. Although 01005’s are not yet seen in a high percentage of assemblies, history would indicate that is will ultimately have extensive usage both on multiple products and multiple quantities on a single product. The extremely small size of the device presents unique production challenges in regard to: board and pad design, board fabrication, stencil design, solder paste selection, stencil printing placement process, and reflow process pushing the limit of current practices. This will create many situations where rework of the 01005 will be required as even dust due to airborne contaminants can result in a defect. It is desirable that an efficient rework method be in place prior to full product production as not to create a crisis if there is a rework crisis.

In general, equipment for initial manufacturing of assemblies, including 01005, benefits from multiple, highly dedicated equipment, such as, printers, pick and place, ovens, etc., along with extensive research on the various processes required. This can be confirmed by the number of papers available on stenciling, solder paste selection, pad design, etc., related to 01005 assembly. Each piece of equipment usually has the best features for each specific task, the best product development engineering staff, and the best operators. Extensive process development and research at every level is expected for maximum product output and quality. Rework operators are given the challenge to duplicate that production line on one piece of equipment, particularly in regards to quality, sometimes with unknown thermal or process issues for a board which may unique properties.

The paradox of why the need for expensive equipment to replace an inexpensive, small device with such infrequent rework demand haunts the purchase justification of rework equipment for this device. Obviously, throwing a board away is not an option. The cost of the system must provide a method which results in a rate of return that surpasses the board(s) value. To meet this stipulation it is not only important to focus on the 01005 component, but it is equally important that the machine can accommodate rework of a variety of components both small and large component assembled concurrently with 01005’s on the board. This paper will touch on 01005 rework methods from manual to fully automated and outline a semi-automated approach to reworking using currently commercially available hot gas rework systems as the best way to approach this challenge while still meeting equipment and labor costs justification criteria.

Key Words: 

01005 rework, hot gas, conduction pad cleaning, solder paste stamping

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