SMTA International Conference Proceedings

Effect Of Variation In The Reflow Profiles Of Pb Free Solder On Lifetimes In Room Temperature Fatigue Tests

Authors: Francis Mutuku, Eric Cotts, Ph.D. and Babak Arfaei, Ph.D., Martin Anselm, Ph.D.
Company: Binghamton University and Universal Instruments Corporation
Date Published: 10/13/2013   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: In room temperature fatigue tests, the lifetimes of SAC solder joints showed distinct dependences on both solder composition and reflow profile. As observed previously in accelerated thermal cycling tests, distinct increases in room temperature fatigue lifetimes with increases in Ag content were observed. Room temperature fatigue test lifetimes varied significantly with changes in reflow profiles. In particular, increasing the cooling rate from the melt generally caused increases in characteristic lifetimes. Changes in lifetimes were also apparent when the duration of the reflow profile was changed. Thus, it was shown that room temperature fatigue tests display promise as a relatively simple and sensitive means to monitor the effect of different assembly parameters on solder joint reliability.

Key Words: 

Shear Fatigue Test, Thermal History, Reflow, Cooling Rate, Precipitates

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