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New Interconnection For High Temperature Application: HotPowCon (HPC) – Part 2

Authors: Jörg Trodler, Mathias Nowottnick, and Andreas Fix, Timo Herberholz
Company: Heraeus Materials Technology GmbHo.KG, University of Rostock, and Robert Bosch GmbH
Date Published: 10/13/2013   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Based on last year’s SMTAi paper “New Interconnection for High Temperature Application: HotPowCon (HPC)” the mile stone 1 was described in a German funded project for new technology in the automotive market together with high power modules for e-mobility, and a combination of logic and power which will be developed for the future market with economic, safety and reliability effects. The presentation showed that the alloy based on SnCu and Cu could increase the remelting temperature to over 400°C by creating intermetallic connections.

The next steps for that project will be discussed in a description of the Assembly Process Technology, including the first results based on physical reliability tests as well as FEM simulation. It will describe the results for milestone 2, which means that the requirements for the process and the technology will include an overview of the test samples as well, and the necessary reliability test with the first results. Based on a FEM it will show possibilities for increasing the long-term stability.

Key Words: 

New Interconnection, High Temperature, Power, Reliability, Assembly Process, HPC, IMC

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