SMTA International Conference Proceedings

Progression To 0.3 mm Pitched BGA SMT Assembly

Authors: Michael Kochanowski, M.B.A.
Company: Intel Corporation
Date Published: 10/13/2013   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: As consumer electronics devices increase in performance and feature density and decrease in size, pitch reduction in BGA packages will occur. The current state of our industry uses 0.4 mm pitched packages on the smallest pitch devices. We anticipate that 0.3 mm pitch is on the near horizon.

Progression to smaller pitches creates new challenges with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly. We will explore issues with the manufacturability that are complicated by making the step to 0.3 mm pitch. We have done equipment tolerance variability analysis as well as printing and assembly experiments to evaluate the implications of this anticipated pitch advancement. Critical factors that were investigated include solder paste selection (powder size), stencil design and manufacture, SMT equipment performance (X-Y tolerances), printed circuit board design (board topography and tolerances), and warpage of area array packages at reflow temperatures.

Results indicate that procedures that work at pitches of 0.4 mm and above will need to be revised which will take time and effort to achieve.

Key Words: 

0.3 mm pitch, solder paste print, package-onpackage, stencil, stencil “gasketing”, warpage, coplanarity

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