Symposium Conference Proceedings

A Qualification Tool for Component Package Environmental Feasibility in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Author: Matti Rahko
Company: Nokia Corporation
Date Published: 4/18/2012   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: The Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) manufacturers' need for introduction of new products with tighter product feature requirements e.g. environmental material legislation compliance, compact size, and costefficiency sets tighter requirements also for the component package manufacturers. In order to have the component packages match these requirements they need to be developed further and their environmental feasibility qualified/re-qualified continuously. The qualification/ requalification of the new component package needs to be done in as early a phase as possible, enabling EEE manufacturers to implement component packages into use with minimal risk. Previous methodologies in the qualification of a component package have been usually done with just the hard facts and with the qualification expert's possessed know-how. However, this process takes a lot of time as all the possible data must be collected or even created. Thus a new method needs to be introduced for early phase qualification of the component packages environmental feasibility.

In this article will be introduced an environmental qualification tool (e-QT) for component package's environmental feasibility. The e-QT proposed here contains all main environmental qualification sub-areas: "General and Environmental Component/PWB data, Sustainable Manufacturer / Supplier assessment, Manufacturability assessment and Board Level Reliability assessment". From the environmental qualification, e-QT user is able to get a numerical result to qualify component package either as "Approved", "Approved with concern" or "Rejected". The data used in the qualification is recorded for future use in its built-in database as historical data.

Key Words: 

component package, environmental feasibility qualification, e-QT, lead free manufacturing, board level reliability, manufacturability, environmental legislation, virtual qualification

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