Surface Mount International Conference Proceedings


Author: Rita Pillman
Company: Motorola
Date Published: 4/28/1997   Conference: Surface Mount International

Abstract: Contract manufacturing offers, among other benefits, the opportunity to utilize the benchmark technologies of a contract manufacturer and a device owner in partnership. Unprecedented mutual technology and business successes have occurred through the mutual sharing of unique benchmark technologies. This paper will present some of the work being performed using technology sharing with a contract manufacturer. Specifically, the paper will focus on a particular case that resulted in a fully-integrated assembly and test process for high-volume manufacture of a microcontroller product. Available success outcomes are a five-day reduction in cycle time and a greater than 50’Moreduction in costs for the entire final manufacturing process. Integration success was made possible because of the unique technology sharing of both companies. The contract manufacturer shared an existing assembly process and, most importantly, an in-line pick and place technology that provided material handling capability without the need for stand-alone handling equipment. The in-line technology, a key to the integration effort, ensured that product flow was uninterrupted from the beginning of the trim and form process through final electrical test. From the concept of filly-integrated production to successful production implementation, Motorola provided program management skill, test system technology, product knowledge, programming expertise, and interface design talent. In this paper, each of these specific functions as related to the integration project will be explained in depth to highlight the technical breakthroughs that have been realized. Aspects of program management that are explored include team formation, schedule planning, cost management, and development of the relationship between the contract site and Motorola. A description of the unique capabilities of the test system used for the project provides insight as to how it played a major role in the projects success. The final keys to the project were to choose the correct microcontroller product to be run through the process and to successfully apply product knowledge to process knowledge to ensure robust manufacturability.

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