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High Speed Cleaning In A Reduced Manufacturing Footprint

Authors: Steve Stach, Mike Bixenman, and Dale Lee
Company: Austin American Technology, Kyzen Corporation, and Plexus Corporation
Date Published: 10/14/2012   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The electronics industry is constantly challenged to improve products, while at the same time, market pressures push manufacturing to lower costs to stay ahead of the competition. The key in this process is a circuit cleaning. The over-all cost of the cleaning process is significant portion of the electronic assembly cost structure1. New cleaning and drying methods are needed to achieve lower production process costs. A shorter cleaning cycle time generally uses less manpower, less resources, and speeds the production process, all favorable to lowering costs provided that the required level of cleaning is achieved.

This experiment is designed to use an industry recognized test vehicle developed for testing modern electronic DFX challenges. The process is selected for testing higher energy systems using an inline process designed to push cleaning energies beyond the limits of most cleaning systems used today. This enhanced energy system will be evaluated with easy, medium and hard to clean fluxes, using high energy water based cleaning agent. The data collected will be reviewed to look for discernible differences in energy effects, flux differences, solvent or DFX problems encountered in the higher energy cleaning system being evaluated.

The goal of the research is to answer the following questions:

1. Is it possible to further reduce the cleaning process footprint and increase speed?

2. What parameter was most important in speeding the cleaning process and shrinking the cleaning footprint?

Key Words: 

cleaning, Design for Cleaning, cleaning machines

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