SMTA International Conference Proceedings

Influence Of Printer Settings On Step Stencil Design

Authors: Carmina Läntzsch and Georg Kleemann
Company: LaserJob GmbH
Date Published: 10/14/2012   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Step stencils are widespread in the electronic production. But there is little information available about the relation of printing settings on the step stencil design. Influencing factors on the printing process for step stencils like squeegee speed, squeegee angle, squeegee pressure, squeegee material, printing direction and distance from the step-edge to the nearest aperture in the step areas are shown in this paper. The transfer efficiency of the solder paste in dependence of the distance to the step edge was measured with highly sophisticated systems and the results which were gained in this study allow new design guidelines. A test layout was developed with different step heights and depths and the transferred solder paste volume was determined for different apertures structures like circles and oblongs.

Step stencils are general required to adjust the solder paste volume for specific components by using different stencil foil thicknesses in one stencil. The step-down stencil for example is required when it is desirable to print fine-pitch devices using a thinner stencil foil, but print other devices using a thicker stencil foil. The paper presents the innovative technology of step-up and step-down stencils in a laser cutting and laser welding process. The step-up/step-down stencils produced by LaserJob show some unique advantages and are developed for the adjustment of solder paste quantity, fulfilling the needs of placement and soldering. This includes the laser cutting and laser welding process as well as the resulting stencil characteristics and the potential of the printing process.

Key Words: 

stencil printing, step-up/step-down stencils, transfer efficiency

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